The Core Of Talent Strategy

RICHFUL LUBE-produce fine chemicals, was identified as high-tech enterprises in Henan province, talent,science and technology is the most important capital of the company that gain the initiative and commanding heights in the competition.Human resource is the most important strategic resources,talent strategy is the core of company development strategy.Introduce competitive and creative talents, enrich the specialized and professional talent team, establishing and perfecting the enterprise education training mechanism, cultivate the talents’ creativity, developing talents' innovative ability, cultivate all aspects needed technology elite and management personnel, is the core content of our talent strategy.

Talented Person Mechanism

Constantly improve and perfect in talent’s supplement and the introduction, talent’s cultivation and use, talent’s assessment and evaluation, talent’s incentive system of rewards and punishments, forming talents mechanism with full of vigor and vitality. To establish and perfect the talent incentive mechanism for cohering the talents, retaining talent and inspiring the talent enthusiasm, form a multi-level and many forms of incentive mode; Establishing and perfecting the talents to stand out,fully exert to with the mechanism,form a good atmosphere to encourage talents; Establishing and improving the scientific talents evaluation mechanism including the capacity, performance and contribution oriented, form a objective, fair and accurate talent evaluation index system; Establishing and improving the effective supervision and restriction mechanism, form the company’s characteristics, and the pattern of democratic, effective supervision and restriction. Talent strategy: respect for different professional, different personality employees in the company, to provide the staff value space with maximum self-realization: First, to create a good platform for talent development space; Second, within the scope of the enterprise,a competitive treatment can help to retain the talents. Third, to create a good cultural atmosphere, and constantly strengthen enterprise internal affinity, cohesion; Fourth, talent selection, under the principle of “just, open, fair”, established a scientific human resources management system,every person with ability has the dedication to work, can function in the company's career, realize their ambitions.

Talent Concept

RICHFUL LUBE advocated "people-oriented" concept of talent management, respect for talent, attracting talents, cultivating talents, to promote the healthy growth of talent and give full play to the talent in the first place, from the human resources development, cultivation, configuration, use, to raise the level of human resource management, realize the common development of talent and enterprise!

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